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Yoga for Osteoporosis
Janne's personal interest in this type of yoga was sparked by her own diagnosis of osteoporosis and her mother's history of severe osteoporosis. She is happy to report that she no longer has the diagnosis of osteoporosis after 2 years of steady practice.

Janne teaches a weekly Building Bones and Balance yoga class at Innerlight Yoga in Middletown RI.

Janne is available for private sessions to create a yoga practice that is specific to you. She also teaches student and teacher workshops in Yoga for Osteoporosis. 

For more information, email janne@shri1life.com

For more information, email Janne at yoga4bones@gmail.com

Recent medical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals by Loren Fishman, MD, show that a daily yoga practice of 12 specific poses significantly improves bone density in the spine and femur. 

20 minutes a day can reverse the trend of bone thinning. 
The side effects are great - stronger muscles and bones, better posture, flexibility and often reduced anxiety.

Schedule a private session with Janne Roehm 
at your home or in a studio in Middletown.

Whether you are an experienced yoga student or brand-new to yoga, 
Janne will work with you to find your optimum poses. 

You will receive a personalized document with your personal practice.

The price is $75 for one session or $60 per session if you schedule two or more sessions.

You can share a session with a friend or a family member. Just be sure to allow enough time to work with each of you to find your individual best pose.

Email Janne at yoga4bones@gmail.com

Yoga vs Osteoporosis:
Janne's experience:
12 Yoga Poses Daily -  15-20 minutes - for stronger bones. Yes!
Sample manual:
To see the first yoga pose in the sequence, click here
New York Times article: 12 Minutes of Yoga for Bone Health by Jane Brody
Dr. Loren Fishman video 
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