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Tree Pose                                                                           Vriksasana
Start with this simple pose. You can use a chair, the kitchen counter, a wall to help you find your balance.

Some tips:
1.Draw into your midline.
2.Lift your heart.
3.When you breath in, lengthen from your hips to the crown of your head; when you breath out, lengthen from your tailbone down to your feet.
4.Place your foot on the lower or the upper leg – remember to avoid pressing your foot into your knee.
5.Press your foot into your standing leg, press the standing leg back into the foot.

     You will likely discover that some days you feel very balanced, others not so much. Practice on all these days is useful, whether or not you feel balanced. It is not the perfection of the pose that is valuable, it is the process of practice of coming into balance, over and over, that is important.

     Think of a tree, with deep roots not only down but out sideways in the earth, and branches reaching up to the sky, sturdy but supple enough to move with the wind.
The yoga pose photos are Janne Roehm and her daughter Freida Sahady, taken by Kim Fuller. The acacia tree photo was taken by Janne in South Africa. 
For more information, email Janne at yoga4bones.com 

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