Yanna Yoga
 Janne (pronounced Yanna) is a senior teacher at Innerlight Center for Yoga in Middletown, Rhode Island. She is the co-developer and co-director of the Innerlight Yoga Teacher Training program and currently co-directs both the 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at Innerlight

Janne is certified by Dr. Fishman in his method of Yoga for Osteoporosis, which is based on research published in peer reviewed medical journals. She is also certified in Warm Water Yoga which is exceptionally beneficial for osteoarthritis and other conditions.

Janne's training includes the first yoga teacher training at Innerlight in 1998 and a 200 RYT Anusara-based course with Todd Norian in 2003. She has studied with Kim Chandler, Tom Gillette, Todd Norian, Ann Greene, John Friend, Doug Keller, Martin Kirk, Jenny Otto, Judith Lasater, Betsey Downing, Ray Long, MD, Sharon Salzburg, Dr Loren Fishman, Ellen Saltonstall and Terry Roth Schaff.

Janne's classes are known for their yoga philosophy and humor and for their wisdom in alignment, making them accessible to all level students.

Janne currently teaches a weekly Building Bones and Balance class at Innerlight Yoga. 

She is available to teach yoga for osteoporosis workshops for teachers and/or students and for yoga for osteoporosis privates. 

She is also available to teach warm water yoga and yoga for retreats.

Janne Lembke Jensen Roehm
E-RYT 200
Middletown, RI 02842
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"My experience with yoga is that it is a life changing force. Yoga develops strength and flexibility, focus and confidence and a sense of connection with a spirit greater than just me. Yoga grounds me and at the same time opens possibilities. My intention in teaching is to pass that on, that sense of living life to the fullest, vibrant, strong, and open." 

For more information, email janne@shri1life.com